Hello. I’ve been extremely lucky in my career where I've travelled the world doing what I love most.

Below is the extended version of my life story: how I got to where I am and where I'm headed next. If you want an abridged version of my bio you can visit my Linkedin. Otherwise, read on. (Est. reading time:  3 minutes) 

The story starts in 1982. The year that gave birth to E.T, the Compact Disc and me. My formative years was spent in Hong Kong, growing up in a large, multi-generational household. Being the youngest of the family, I was freed from the responsibilities expected of my elder sibling. I was allowed to take risks.

One of the fondest memories I have of my childhood is carrying out experiments after school. I flew homemade kites out of the windows of my apartment, I dissected fresh fishes from the wet market, and I tested the limits of my physical endurance by sitting in a refrigerator. Those early experiences gave me the confidence to make and break things.

My childhood was disrupted by a political event on Tiananmen Square in 1989. Fearful of the communist regime, my family fled to the suburbs of London the following year. Moving to the UK was hard. I was eight and I didn’t speak a word of English. I took on sports as a way to express myself, to make friends and to avoid getting beaten up by bigger, tougher English kids. My confidence grew and as did my academic performance. I flew through school and I got into a decent university

But reality struck on graduation day. What do I do next? Not knowing whether to go into business or arts, I chose advertising. I joined one of the best creative agencies called, Naked. At Naked I learnt the secrets to developing great creative ideas. I moved to Hong Kong a few years later to work on the adidas Beijing 08 Olympics campaign with TBWA. The award winning work gave me access. I was made partner (youngest in the network) at one of the world's top media agency, running the Nike account. A few years after that, I became a Nike client. 

At Nike I had the privilege of working with some of the best talents in the world. Everyday, we got to work on things we love, inspiring millions of kids with the power of sports. My sporting past gave me insider access into the minds of athletes. Great work came instinctively. Some of the notable projects include, the launch of Nike+ Training and Basketball, the Festival of Sports and the Shanghai Marathon. I picked up Mandarin Chinese along the way.

In July 2015, I completed a full time MA in Service Design at the Royal College of Art - the top art and design school in the world.  Over the past 18 months I've designed and ran an award winning children summer camp to help them develop creative resilience, I’ve worked with Jaguar Land Rover to create their design principles for their future mobility group. And I developed a shopping and logistics concept called Volare

I'm currently the Chief Design Officer of New Frontier, as well as the CEO of HelloToby - Asia's fastest growing marketplace for services.


July 2015